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About Martone Cycling Co

My happiest memory as a kid is from Christmas 1985. Santa walked in, carrying this huge red bag, with my very first bike inside.

It was the happiest day of my life, and certainly the most memorable. I’d been writing letters all year long to the North Pole, but getting the bike I’d wished for so much was almost too much to believe. That bike became my best friend for a very long time. “Fina” (Portuguese for skinny) was her name and she had her own special room in my parents’ house for proper “rest”. I was obsessed with Fina, almost as if I knew making bikes would become my career 28 years later.

Martone Cycling Co. is a fashion-and-design driven bike company. Our bikes are a bold statement of personal style: city bikes created with passion – with a red chain on every bike we make.
If you are like us, you are always carrying something: a tote, a gym bag, groceries, a dog... who knows?

That’s why we make all of our bikes with a basket built. into the handlebar; to make your life easier, in style.

A bike that looks as good as it rides? There’s more here than meets the eye: each MCC bike is powered by our innovative duomatic gear system, which automatically adjusts and changes gears based on the speed you’re riding. It’s an entirely unique experience designed to increase your riding pleasure.

We are:
The red chain brand.
The handlebar+basket brand.
The duomatic brand.

We celebrate design so you can celebrate life riding a MCC.
Welcome to a whole new world of cycling that suits your style.

Enjoy the ride,

– Lorenzo